Here at Natural Way Connection our vision is simple—healthy humans, healthy world.
We are dedicated to helping you fuel your best life by bringing you natural health solutions that are good for you and good for the world.

At Natural Way Connection we believe that food is the best form of medicine. When it comes to solving health problems we choose to start with the goodness that nature provides. Each time we eat is an opportunity to heal and energize our bodies, and nature gives us all the necessary ingredients to maximize our health and quality of life.

Whether you are dealing with a chronic illness or your body simply isn’t performing at it’s highest level, we are here to help you transform your health by starting right at the source—the food and fuel we eat. Check back daily and subscribe to our email list to stay connected to natural health, with recipes, lifestyle tips, natural remedies, and health solutions.
Let’s get started fueling YOUR BEST LIFE, the natural way.


/T͟Hē , naCH(ə)rəl , wā/

‘The natural way’ is: a path to solving health problems as simply, cleanly, and naturally as possible by reaching for the pantry before the medicine cabinet. A way of living without unnecessary, unnatural, unhealthy additives by maximizing the natural goodness that nature provides. Health solutions that are good for you and good for the world, fueling our bodies and minds reaching their full potential. An approach to life that is respectful of oneself, respectful of others, and respectful of the world.


Hi, I’m Tori, founder of Natural Way Connection. Welcome to your connection to natural health—fueling your best life with whole foods, natural remedies, and simple health solutions.

I have a Bachelor degree in Food Science and Nutrition and worked for many years in the nutrition industry. I have always been passionate about food; I love to cook, eat and entertain, but I have not always made good choices. Foods high in “bad” fats, carbs, and convenient processed foods regularly filled our cabinets, and we never worried about the effects our poor eating habits were having on our overall health.

That changed many years ago when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, high blood pressure, and arthritis. During this time I was also battling heartburn and acid reflux, (caused by stress but aggravated by poor diet and lack of exercise). I had been taking prescription and over the counter medicines that put me at risk for cancer, osteoporosis and other major health problems. After his surgery, we knew we had to change the way we were living. We had to take better care of our bodies in order to live our best life and avoid more health problems down the road.

We did a lot of research to put ourselves on a path of clean healthy eating and disease prevention, and were surprised to learn about the adverse ingredients and health effects of processed foods combined with the adverse effects of many common prescriptions being doled out to put a “band-aid” on health problems. We changed our eating habits to include more organic fresh fruits, vegetables and protein, and eliminated 95% of processed food from our diet. We began using natural remedies to lower our stress, eliminate acid reflux, arthritis and the risk of cancer. Our health problems are gone and we feel a renewed energy we have not experienced in years!

We started Natural Way Connection in hopes of changing the world, one life at a time. We are the only natural health network that links problems to solutions with a focus on creating connections between individuals, healers, and natural health. We are dedicated to helping you fuel YOUR BEST LIFE, the natural way.

Health and Happiness,
Tori Messenger